CPR Seattle Blog

Disaster Preparedness
Are you ready for the next "snowpocalypse"? The next wind storm? Global rise in sea level? Visit our past blog posts to increase your knowledge and prepare.

Events at CPR Seattle
CPR Seattle is dedicated to offering creative health and safety events to benefit our community. Read more about upcoming and past events here.

First Aid: Injury Emergencies
Sprains and breaks, bleeding and burns; so many ways to injure ourselves. Bone up on your injury first aid knowledge by checking out our past blog posts.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are an increasingly common tool used by first responders when treating sudden cardiac arrest. Read about current advances and uses here.

First Aid: Environmental Emergencies
Spending time outdoors has innumerable benefits, but sometimes we encounter hazardous situations. Visit our past blog posts to learn more on treating (and preventing) environmental emergencies.

First Aid: Medical Emergencies
Diabetes, stroke, asthma, and allergic reactions are just a few of the common conditions you may have to help with. Find out more about these and other medical emergencies here.

General CPR
Learn more about the science behind CPR by visiting our past blog posts on cardiopulmonary resuscitation. We cover the latest advances that may show up in your next CPR class.

Pet CPR and First Aid
Our furry friends sometimes need some care, just like their owners do. Learn more about how to help your pet in emergency situations by browsing our past blog posts.