American Heart Association Training Center Information

We are proud to be part of the American Heart Association's established Training Center Network.

As an American Heart Association Training Center, CPR Seattle teaches a full range of CPR classes for the healthcare provider as well as the lay responder. These include:

As an AHA Training Center, CPR Seattle ensures that CPR classes are taught to American Heart Association standards and that each CPR class we offer meets or exceeds the quality demanded by the nation's leading CPR training agency. CPR Seattle also serves as a hub for instructors by disseminating information about the latest in cardiac science, developments in CPR protocol, and any changes in American Heart Association policy.

Becoming an Instructor & How To Align with CPR Seattle

For information on the process of becoming an American Heart Association Instructor and the time and financial commitment involved, click here.

For Current Instructors Wanting to Transfer alignment to CPR Seattle

CPR Seattle welcomes AHA instructors in good standing with a current instructor certification card (either Heartsaver or BLS) to align with us. CPR Seattle does not charge alignment or other fees in order to teach classes. Just follow the steps below to make CPR Seattle your new American Heart Association Training Center:

  1. Give us a call to discuss our requirements for our aligned instructors.

  2. Take a class from CPR Seattle to update your provider card and become familiar with our teaching style (please enroll in a BLS class if you are a BLS instructor, and a Heartsaver Adult, Child, Infant CPR & First Aid class if you are a Heartsaver instructor)

  3. Arrange a date with CPR Seattle so you can be monitored teaching.

  4. If accepted for alignment we will provide you with an Instructor Records Transfer Request to send to your current Training Center. This allows them to release all your instructor records to CPR Seattle. Per the AHA Program Administration Manual they have 30 days to complete this request. CPR Seattle prefers electronic copies of all documents. You must fill in your name, as well as the date on item #1 of the Instructor Records Transfer Request before sending it to your current TC.

  5. Send a signed and initialed copy of the CPR Seattle Instructor Agreement and a copy (front and back) of your current instructor certification card to

  6. Log in to the AHA Instructor Network, choose “edit my profile”, then “alignment”, and select CPR Seattle as your new Training Center.

  7. Once all the information listed in items 1 - 6 above has been completed, we will send you a username and password to our Instructor Portal. The Instructor Portal will allow you to access all the paperwork necessary to teach classes, order course materials online, and provide the mechanism for sending your class rosters and paperwork to the training center.

Expired Instructors Wanting to Transfer to CPR Seattle

If your certification card has expired, you can take an initial instructor training course with CPR Seattle (we offer both Heartsaver and BLS instructor courses). You will be treated as a new instructor and receive a new instructor number from the American Heart Association. You will need to complete the appropriate online AHA Instructor Essentials course. You will receive a key for the AHA Instructor Essentials Course after you enroll in your instructor training with CPR Seattle. The key will allow you to complete the course online at

Instructor Candidates Trained Through a CPR Seattle Instructor Course

During your instructor training, CPR Seattle will go over all the requirements necessary to align with CPR Seattle. Please call our office at 206-504-3280 for our current Training Center alignment fee and what services that fee covers.

Instructor Candidates Trained Through Another Training Centers' Instructor Course

CPR Seattle welcomes instructors who have been trained by another American Heart Association Training Center to align with us (although we highly recommend if you wish to align with us that you attend a CPR Seattle instructor training course as we cover all of our Training Center specifics during the course). We will need the following records/documents from you or the Training Center you began your instructor course with:

  • Instructor Candidate Application
  • Copy (front and back) of your current (unexpired) Heartsaver and BLS provider cards (we only need your Heartsaver provider card if you are completing the Heartsaver instructor training).
  • Skills testing forms and exams from your instructor training
  • AHA BLS or Heartsaver Instructor Essentials Course Certificate

Once these forms have been received, and within six months of completing the initial instructor course, the candidate must successfully demonstrate his/her teaching skills while teaching a provider course (BLS or Heartsaver), which will be monitored by a CPR Seattle Training Center Faculty member. There is a fee for the course monitoring for those instructors who began their instructor training with another Training Center. The Training Center Faculty member will take 30-45 minutes after the course monitoring session to explain our Training Center procedures and roster submission processes. Instructors must be registered with the AHA Training Center Network to complete the instructor training and alignment process.

Why Align with CPR Seattle?

There are many reasons to align with CPR Seattle aside from our proximity to Western Washington cities (including Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Everett, and Renton). More reasons to align with us:

  1. No alignment fee!

  2. CPR Seattle has a full-time staff available to promptly and accurately answer any training questions you might have.

  3. We offer regularly scheduled BLS Instructor renewal courses 3-4 times per year and Heartsaver First Aid & CPR Instructor renewal courses 3-4 times per year, and are happy to accommodate your schedule by teaching a private renewal course for a minimal additional fee (schedule permitting).

  4. When you align with CPR Seattle, you are issued a password to our secure, custom-built Instructor Portal. All your training records are kept on the Portal in digitized form allowing you to have instant access to the records for the courses you have taught, along with your student training records and renewal dates. As the AHA requires each instructor to maintain copies of all class paperwork for three years, the CPR Seattle Instructor Portal takes care of this requirement for you.

  5. Instructors and Training Sites can order training materials through the Instructor Portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can have materials promptly shipped via USPS or scheduled for pickup at our Seattle office.


Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or for any clarifications on the requirements listed above. Our current office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.