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Free Event at CPR Seattle - Toddler Safety - March 30, 1:00pm

There are two children in our family. When the first was on the way, we spent a lot of time worrying about baby-proofing our house. Some of the things we did are no-brainers - making sure all chemicals or possible poisons were well out of reach, procuring gates for the stairways, emptying out the alligator pit under the stairway...all things most people would do without too much fuss. However, in our zeal to ensure no harm could possibly come to our top-heavy, what’s-this-gravity-thing child, we ended up looking at lots and lots of baby safety products–some which worked, some which didn’t work very well, and some which failed miserably (baby monitors should let you listen to your baby, not the Alaskan Airlines cargo pilots flying over the house).

However, there is a bit of information overload when it comes to new parents trying to figure out what works for child safety and what doesn’t. Outlet plugs, gates, cabinet locks - all these things are commonly used, but there are many versions available, and some definitely work better than others. CPR Seattle is hosting Safety expert Janis Grusz from Safety for Toddlers for a free event on March 30th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Janis will conduct a virtual home walk-through to discuss types of home safety products that have been proven to work. Avoid spending unnecessary time and expense on trial and error research; Janis will help you begin the process of finding the best safety products for your child and your home. Safety for Toddlers also conducts room-by-room onsite consultations (these can be arranged directly with Janis).

Here are just a few examples of what you will learn:

  • Act like child - put yourself down at their level and see what they see to identify risks. It’s not necessary to throw baby food while doing so, unless it helps.
  • Lock your toilet seat. For the sake of the adults, we do not recommend combination locks.
  • Non-tempered glass can break - apply security film. For the rich and famous, try a dark tint to avoid paparazzi.

Even though the event is free, there are a limited number of spaces available. Please follow this link to CPR Seattle to sign up for this free seminar. Kids are welcome (no reservation for children is necessary, we only count grownups). All participants will also receive a coupon good for 20% CPR Seattle’s CPR for Parents and Families class; a course designed for caregivers who want to learn or review basic CPR.

We at CPR Seattle hope this free event can save you both time and money, but most importantly, provide the information you need to make your home as safe and accident-free as possible.