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Opioid Education for Healthcare Providers

Online course - Cost: $23.50

The American Heart Association Opioid Education for Healthcare Providers online course employs self-directed and interactive design to teach Opioid Education. Students can work at their own pace; the course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. No hands-on skills session is required. (Note: there is no audio version of this course).

The course is designed for professional healthcare providers and others who require training on the opioid epidemic, physiological processes associated with opioid overdose, and considerations when caring for patients with an opioid overdose.

This course is intended for US audiences only.

The topics covered include:

  • Recogizing and treating opioid overdose (rescue breathing, CPR and use of opioid inhibitors)
  • Overview of the opioid epidemic and opioid use issues
  • Function and symptoms of treatment of pain and the paths leading to addiction

Note for Mac users: Online AHA courses may not be compatibile with the Safari browser. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox if you experience difficulties.

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