Should My Employees Take a Traditional Class or a Blended Class?

You want your staff CPR class to be fun and informative! Here are some thoughts to help you decide between a Traditional CPR & First Aid class vs. a blended CPR & First Aid class. 

Blended CPR & First Aid Training

With a shorter in-person duration and flexible online learning that can be done at one's convenience, blended learning is great if you cannot gather your employees for 4+ hours, however, it takes more work to orchestrate for the following reasons: 

Participants Must Be Known in Advance 

Seven days in advance the course organizer needs to upload each participant and their individual email onto our client portal so the online learning links can be sent out. 

Online Learning is Non-Refundable 

Once sent, online learning links are non-refundable and non-transferable. Links cannot be reassigned. If a student misses the class, a $20 fee will be charged for the online course.  

Students Who Do Not Finish, Cannot Attend Class 

The online course contains essential information needed to participate in the course, therefore it must be completed before attending the in-person skills session. Students who do not finish, can't attend. Sorry, our hands are tied on this one due to regulations. We send out a reminder email, however it is the responsibility of the class organizer to ensure employees have completed the training. 

Oops! Don't Trade! 

Students can't forward their link to another person. Once assigned, the link is theirs. They are the only person who can receive credit for completion. 

Ugh, Technology

The online program may not always work on a mobile phone and for that reason, each person should have a desktop or laptop to use to complete the training. 

It Can Take a While

The length of the online course depends on the course type and will vary depending on the learner. For the estimated time frame of the class, please refer back to your email quote. 

Traditional CPR & First Aid Training

No Homework!

Students don't need to do anything to prep for class; they just need to show up ready to learn! 

Longer Duration

Traditional classes are longer because they will include the videos and lectures that students would otherwise complete in the blended training.