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CPR Seattle is an American Heart Association Training Center offering certification classes to individuals and businesses in CPR, first aid, healthcare provider CPR, and pet CPR / first aid to the greater Seattle area.

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Venomous snakes in Washington – What are the chances you’ll meet one?
You're hiking in Washington state. In the path ahead, a snake slithers into view. How worried should you be? Out of the dozen or so species of snakes that are native to Washington state, only one, the Western rattlesnake, is venomous.

How does EMS decide where to take a patient?
The main concern of EMS, once they arrive and assess a patient for transportation, is making the best decision on where to take that victim. Time is likely a factor, but the level of care available at that time isn’t going to be the same for all hospitals. EMS personnel have to assess the patient’s needs and decide where the best care is going to come from.

ACLS classes: the next step in your CPR training development
You've been taking BLS classes for several years. It might be time to upgrade your skills to a higher level. Find out whether or not the ACLS class is your next step.