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CPR Seattle is an American Heart Association Training Center offering certification classes to individuals and businesses in CPR, first aid, healthcare provider CPR, and pet CPR / first aid to the greater Seattle area.

CPR Seattle Blog

ACLS classes: the next step in your CPR training development
You've been taking BLS classes for several years. It might be time to upgrade your skills to a higher level. Find out whether or not the ACLS class is your next step.

Tourniquets: Should you use one in an emergency?
Never try to use a tourniquet to control severe bleeding until after first attempting targeted direct pressure. However, there may indeed be occasions where proper use of a tourniquet can save the life of a bleeding victim.

You now have an AED. But where should you put it?
Your company or school has obtained an AED. So where is the best place to keep your AED so that it can be retrieved as quickly as possible?