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Learn some BLS before your BLS

The BLS Provider class (also referred to as “CPR for Healthcare Providers”) delivers the basic CPR knowledge required for healthcare professionals. This can range from one-on-one in-home adult caregivers to teams operating in an ICU or ER. The skills practiced in the class session are applicable to any cardiac arrest situation occurring either in or out of a hospital/clinic environment.

The most important part of the BLS Provider class consists of in-person skills practice and evaluation from a certified BLS instructor. Even experienced providers need to review their skills, and doing so under the direct observation of an instructor ensures that guidelines are met and that optimal outcomes can be achieved.

However, knowledge of the “facts and figures” of BLS is important as well. Compression to ventilation ratios, AED procedures, and methods for relieving choking can vary depending on the victim. Knowing what to do is as important as knowing how to do it. Therefore a written examination is also part of the BLS Provider certification process.

We have presented below a pre-course quiz for the BLS Provider class. This quiz introduces some of the concepts contained in the BLS Provider course.

You can take the quiz to find out 1) how much you already know, and 2) get an idea of what kind of information you will be learning in the class session. Note that It does not replicate or take the place of the official written exam that must be passed during the class session. The objective is to give participants an example of the topics covered in the class session; it does not affect the outcome. You do not need to report the results of your quiz.

Have fun!           



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Published on July 9, 2018