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CPR & First Aid works for pets too

Pet CPR & First Aid techniques are not that different from those used for humans.

On Monday, April 23rd, in West Hartford, Connecticut, a Shih Tzu named Harry was choking on a piece of rawhide. A resourceful police officer responded to the call and saved the dog via a modified Heimlich maneuver (for the full story see this link).

While the majority of people who take a CPR or First Aid class at CPR Seattle do so in order to be prepared to offer assistance to a human, most people don't Group of petsrealize that many of the same basic techniques can also be applied to our canine and feline companions. CPR Seattle's Pet CPR & First Aid class can teach you how to recognize, respond to, and most importantly, prevent emergency situations involving a pet. This course is ideal for pet owners as well as anyone dealing with dogs or cats on a professional basis, such as dog walkers, pet sitters, and caregivers. Many people in the Seattle area have pets, so there is a wide demand for a class that can teach pet owners the CPR and first aid skills required to keep their dogs and cats safe and healthy.

All CPR and first aid classes at CPR Seattle emphasize high-quality, hands-on practice.

Participants in the class learn first aid and CPR techniques using dog and cat mannequins, which allow for accurate and realistic simulation, right down to detecting and evaluating pulse rates.  We cover how to handle a pet that ingests potentially harmful substances such as chocolate, caffeine (a definite cause for concern in Seattle), household chemicals—even grapes, which can possibly cause kidney failure. Also covered are subjects like treating serious wounds and managing bleeding, restraining injured animals for safe transport, and for those pets who spend time outdoors, dealing with animal bites, snake bites, ticks, and more.

As spring approaches Seattle (technically, it's already here but you can't really tell), pet owners and their pets will be spending more time out and about, and possibly in the vicinity of other pets. Skills learned via the CPR Seattle Pet CPR & First Aid class will help ensure that your pet has a safe and happy season. Visits to the emergency clinic are no fun for either owner or pet; and the bills can be quite expensive. Consider investing in a little CPR and first aid education now and save a lot of time and trouble later.


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Published on May 2, 2012