The Power of Acknowledgement

September 9, 2021 Thursday, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

We thrive and loyalty peaks when individual contributions are seen and acknowledged.  Many leaders, parents and managers, however, fall short in understanding how to create environments in which everyone feels safe to speak up and contribute. Many are unclear how to provide constructive feedback when mistakes are made, and to acknowledge and celebrate individual contributions. The process of giving negative feedback can be challenging, but even more difficult can be giving positive validation that results in a higher caliber of performance and self worth.

 As a result, this workshop is designed to help participants learn an easy-to-learn three-step process that reveals the secret of how to motivate others through the power of acknowledgment.  Concepts will be introduced in the large group and practiced in role play in private dyads.

This training will teach participants how to:

  • Find powerful, personal words of encouragement instead of empty praise.
  • Motivate others to be more productive.
  • Easily reduce friction in difficult relationships.
  • Create a sense of safety in your home or at work so individuals can speak up openly.
  • Quickly and easily build trust and respect among those you live and work with.

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