FAQ for Pacific Medical Staff

Help! I need a class right away and there is no availability!

Please have your supervisor contact us and we will work on getting a class scheduled for you! You can also ask your supervisor if you can take a BLS class at our location

I cannot make the class date and time that I registered for.

If your plans have changed, do not register for a different skills check session. Please notify us as soon as possible via email or by phone and let us know the date you would like us to transfer you to if you cannot make your scheduled class session. 

I am having trouble completing the online training at work.

Please note that PacMed may have restrictions or firewalls limiting functionality of the ELearning website when you are using a workplace computer. If so it may be necessary to contact your IT department, or to complete the online portion at home.

I completed the course but it still says I'm in progress. 

In order complete the course, you must complete the mandatory online survey at the end of the course. You will not be able to participate in the skills session without showing verification of a printed completion certificate (or you can snap a photo of the certicate). In your AHA account, go to the My courses tab where you will see your recent activity and click on survey (see image below). 


After completing the survey, it will take you to the page where you can download your certificate of completion (see image below). 

I did not receive an email after class to claim my certification card.

If you did not receive an email, you can access your certification card from this website.

If you cannot find your information using the above link it could be because:

  • 48 hours has not passed since you completed your skills check session with CPR Seattle
  • You enrolled with an email address that was incorrect. If your email address was not correct you would not have received a confirmation email from CPR Seattle for your skills check session. If this was the case, please call 206-504-3280 and we can correct the address. 

I cannot reset my password for the AHA website.

Unfortunately CPR Seattle cannot help out with this. Please call AHA technical support at 1-877-AHA-4CPR (1-877-242-4277). 

Here are some helpful hits:

  • You might be trying to log into the AHA with your work email when you originally registered with your personal email (or vice versa)
  • Your company firewall is blocking the password reset button (the best course of action is to call the number above)

Forgot your Security Questions?

Unfortunately CPR Seattle cannot help out with this. The best thing to do is call AHA technical support at 1-877-AHA-4CPR (1-877-242-4277). Often if you try to reset your security questions, the reset email gets blocked in your company's firewall and you might never receive it. 

I cannot find my certification card.

You can access your certification card from this website. If you forgot your password, please try to reset it (check both your personal and work accounts for the password reset email - please note that sometimes a company firewall will block the AHA password reset email). If you are having technical issues with the AHA website, please call them at 1-877-AHA-4CPR (1-877-242-4277). Unfortunately CPR Seattle cannot help with resetting your password (we are sorry - we really wish we could help!).