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Mastering Fundamentals of Skin Laceration Repair

This informative hands-on seminar will cover all options of skin laceration repair including sutures, staples, tissue adhesives and skin closure tape. Students will be given ample practice time to master techniques and gain the confidence to perform procedures in a clinical or remote setting. For more detailed course information, please scroll down below schedule.





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Course Details

Specific suture techniques practiced include:

  • Simple interrupted 
  • Horizontal mattress 
  • Vertical mattress 
  • Dead space closure
  • Running continuous
  • Running interlocking
  • Skin flap closure.

While most of the suture practice will be performed using standard swaged needles, students will also practice using closed-eye needles and hypodermic needles as field-improvised techniques.

Other skills practiced include:

  • Safely loading/unloading size #3 scalpel handles 
  • Proper scalpel holding techniques
  • Proper needle driver holding techniques
  • Working in and around a sterile field 
  • Suture removal
  • Staple removal

Beyond the skills-based topics listed above, a theoretical presentation will be given on the following topics:

  • When and when not to close wounds
  • Needle selection
  • Thread selection
  • Scalpel blade selection
  • Use of basic surgical instruments
  • Sterile technique
  • When to remove sutures
  • Wound debridement and delayed primary closure
  • Tetanus prophylaxis
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Signs of infection
  • The pharmacology of local anesthetics
  • Basic regional anesthesia
  • Field sterilization of instruments

What students are saying:

"This was nothing short of a phenomenal experience. Jason has an excellent demeanor. Both the cadence and depth-of-knowledge of the curriculum is 'just right.' As a Captain / sailor, these are essential skills to have when offshore. I'll be recommending this course to both the US West Coast and British Columbia sailboat racing leagues as a supplement to the traditional multi-day 'Safety at Sea' courses which they require for longer multi-day races. I'll also be recommending it to my colleague network of fellow 'boat delivery Captains.' ... Thanks for such great course. ~JP